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To run WebXpertUS - you need to have JAVA Runtime Environment (RTE) installed on your computer! ..........Most computers have JAVA already pre-installed. ....!
1.. Click here to see if JAVA is installed on your computer. [Or.. type "java -version" in the command prompt]
2.. Click here to install JAVA RTE (only if you need it)
.... Now you are ready to download and install the WebXpertUS Software. However, it is VITAL that you follow the process outlined in the Launch Page. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY..
3.. Click here to install the WebXpertUS software [Launch Page]
.... Register with a valid email address. Do not use a bogus email address, as the link to access the software will be sent to this email address.
.... Once the software is installed, use the Desktop Shortcut to laucnh the WebXpertUS Software.