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Windows version of the XpertUS software is free to download and use.

A license is NOT required to run DEMO examples. For all other features - you need to purchase a license.

Each license is valid for 12 months, and is restricted for use on one computer.

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The Software:
The XpertUS Decision-Maker is a software package developed to handle "qualitative" issues of a problem, and to arrive at the optimum decision.

Volumes have been written on how to handle "quantitative" data in decision-making. This is because the essence of all mathematical theory is "quantitative" analysis. Translating "qualitative" information is extremely difficult and highly "subjective" hence mathematicians tend to steer away from "qualitative" issues - but we have the solution.

We must recognize that even though quantitative data appear to be "factual", "subjectivity" plays a decisive role during the process of obtaining such quantitative data.

XpertUS utilizes several advanced mathematical techniques to translate "qualitative feelings" - into a consistent "quantitative" array that lends itself to a reliable analysis.

Even though you may download the software and try the demos – experience has shown us that anyone who has not taken the course is unlikely to believe the results that the software provides. It is simply a matter of faith. You are not likely to believe something, simply because it spews out a result!

XpertUS is a user-friendly program to assist you to make reliable and consistent decisions. The basic version of XpertUS is the “interactive " decision-maker. This allows you to input your "feelings" and arrive at a decision.

The "what-if” module allows you to conduct sensitivity studies, as you alter the significance of various criteria.

The "auto-mode" module allows you to submit large data files, directly to XpertUS - for evaluation. This module is customized to each client, and application.

The "consolidator” uses several techniques to consolidate individual decisions of team-members.

The "peer-evaluator" allows a team to rank the performance of the team. You can use this module to distribute bonuses among a team.